对于我们许多孩子来说,阅读和写作的挑战确实是“a bear”。现在,整个“共同核心”运动今天都在影响’s schools, it’s 所有  about reading and writing.  So good kids, smart kids, engaged kids, but those with reading and/or writing challenges, look the bear in the face everyday, as well as 所有 day, for the primary focus within public schools is responding to PE, art, health, music, and math within the context of reading and writing. “The Common Core asks students to read stories and literature, as well as more complex texts that provide facts and background knowledge in areas such as science and social studies. Students will be challenged and asked questions that push them to refer back to what they’ve read. This stresses critical-thinking, problem-solving, and analytical skills that are required for success in college, career, and life” [http://www.corestandards.org/ELA-Literacy/].  In layman’s terms, our children are expected to read more, and write more 所有 across the curriculum; never getting a break from the one dimensional approach preparing them for “college, career, and life”.  All in 所有 , our kids are expected to grin and bear it for it’s touted as in their best interest to do so; every day and in most cases, 所有 day.  Without a break.

However, due to the complexity of the human learning process and brain development, especially, within the context of reading and writing, simple canned solutions and one-size-fits-all formulas fail to meet the needs of 所有 of our students; especially those who have struggled in traditional school settings with reading and/or writing due to misalignment between learning styles and instructional approaches.  For many of the students who struggle with literacy related skills, it’s not just about a learning disability alone, it often is a reflection of a disconnect between a child’s pre-reading experiences and learning & teaching for the nature of effective instructional practices in reading and writing are well established. One of our nation’s leading experts in reading disabilities, Dr. Joseph Torgeson from Florida State University, makes for the following statement: “The most critical elements of an effective program for the prevention of reading disability at the elementary school level are: The right kind and quality of instruction delivered with the right level of intensity and duration to the right children at the right time.” [http://www.readingrockets.org/article/catch-them-they-fall-identification-and-assessment-prevent-reading-failure-young-children]. Most notably, the notion of “正确的教学类型和质量” 指导老师和父母首先考虑个性化的阅读和写作干预方法。在解决IEP和504 Plan干预以支持阅读和写作时,最重要的考虑因素是。当我的许多客户的孩子患有阅读障碍(阅读),阅读障碍(写作)或其他与读写能力相关的学习障碍时,他们要求与他们的孩子保持一致的替代教学策略’的学习方式,通常会通过以下回复与他们取得联系,“We are already implementing a 最佳实践 program”。这意味着,如果您的孩子未能成功完成该程序,那么,问题出在该程序上的孩子一定是金。” evidence-based”。那么在这种情况下您该怎么办?

The  intention of an Individual Education Plan (IEP) or a Section 504 Plan (accomodations) calls upon each school to employ an individualized approach toward intervention, as with reading, writing, or any other area of the special needs continuum.   However, this is not always the case.  In fact, within the context of reading and writing, many students face learning challenges in these areas due to the formulaic approach being prescribed in contrast to a multi-dimensional approach. This is where our advocacy services come in. We are here to assure that the instructional team works from the perspective of understanding and assessment, whether the issues are Autism, ADD/ADHD, or specifically, reading and writing disabilities.  No matter how vital the national agenda called Common Core plays out, every child is different and requires an individualized approach toward intervention.  Specifically, when we are addressing reading and writing disabilities, especially for our older students beyond 3rd grade, the most effective interventions are based upon a multi-facet intervention including a three prong approach highlighted 通过 reading experts Smith and Moore: “This research tends to emphasize three areas of instruction: 1) word study, fluency, and vocabulary, 2) comprehension, and 3) motivation and engagement. It shows that when research-based reading instruction is implemented, older youth with LD [learning disabilities] can succeed.” [http://www.ngsp.net/Portals/0/Downloads/HBNETDownloads/EDG_SpEd_Moore_Smith.pdf].  Most notably within research 通过 conducted 通过 Smith and Moore, as well as others addressing reading and writing disabilities, especially within secondary intervention programs, the notion of “meaning and engagement” become even more critical within reading and writing instructional intervention.  So I go back to the opening line, for some of our students, reading and writing is 熊!  And to make a difference and engage our older students, meaning continues to be the most critical feature of an effective program.

因此,我建议以下方法作为我们努力学习和/或写作的孩子,尤其是三年级及以上学生的积极进步的一种方法:  新的3个R:关系,相关性和响应

关系 :努力阅读和写作的孩子需要与他们的老师以及正在阅读的文字建立联系。他们需要全心投入,以确保自己达到最佳状态。今天,我们的许多孩子需要深深的联系感,才能信任并放开他们的烦恼和恐惧,而这些烦恼和恐惧常常会妨碍学习。当学生在阅读和写作方面挣扎时,学生可能会对这些技能领域产生强烈的负面依恋,并在每次看到书或笔时将其带到教室。高效的老师会基于真诚的关系创造学习氛围,并花时间首先和最了解他们的学生。对于我们许多努力奋斗的学生,当他们感到受到学生的关爱,赞赏和喜欢时,他们会冒险去冒险。我知道这听起来很简单,并且与识字率无关,但是,当您要求孩子们挑战他们的固定信念时,尤其是当自我对话听起来像“I am bad at reading”, “I hate writing”, or “I suck at this”,这需要情感上的超越,例如建立在信任和鼓励之上的亲密关系,才能超越这些情感墙。

关联 :其次,就阅读和写作技能的发展而言,每个目的都必须以意义为指导。今天’s kids need to know 为什么 他们正在做一些事情,许多人需要感受到个人的认同或清楚地了解与学习相关的原因。合规性不’t hold it’s value anymore; it’关于含义以及与文本或过程的建立联系的所有内容。如果文字没有’没有意义,那么你赢了’不要把他们的注意力放在这条路上。它’就这么简单。这样想:如果不是’t fun, then it won’不能完成!当然,并不是所有的事情都需要在公园散步或去迪斯尼乐园时呈现,但是,为了让孩子们真正地掌握技能,尤其是在阅读和写作方面,他们需要相信目的和能力。意向基础指令。另一种看待它的方式听起来像是:孩子需要一种内在的向往感,以便能够体验学习!一种方法是建立学生的利益。通过基于他们的外部兴趣来进行阅读和写作活动,人们可以建立有意义的学习桥梁。例如,如果火车托马斯(Thomas the Train)是文本材料的来源,则有许多幼儿会读书。同样,如果许多年长的学生与Minecraft或其他游戏材料相关联,他们也会被阅读或书写所吸引。

响应 :最后,作为老师和父母,我们需要确保我们的孩子在学习过程中参与其中。通过放慢有目的的目标设定和学习目标的教学过程,我们可以确保孩子在建立过程中对自己的学习负有个人责任 个人目标 与每个学生。结果,当孩子们觉得自己是过程中不可或缺的一部分并庆祝自己的进步时,与不愿意接受教学的人拖累整个工厂相反,学习水平大大提高了。具体来说,通过建立即时和长期的阅读和写作学习目标,我们的孩子将清楚地知道预期的结果以及他们的努力会导致什么结果;他们需要知道预期的内容以及学习的开展方式和方式。对于我们许多努力阅读和写作的孩子来说,教学和学习过程完全脱节了,而且往往在每节课似乎都在过去的时候,他们在教学火车站感到被排斥在外。结果,他们变得脱节,最终产生一种自言自语的感觉,“I can’t do this”。通过为每个学生建立短期和长期学习目标,学生将能够看到自己的进步,并感到自己参与了该过程。顺便提一句,在通过奖励实现目标的过程中,奖励与目标达成合作可以走得很远,这可能是我们一些孩子需要更多参与这一过程所需的额外价值。样本学习目标可能包括: 我可以 …




简而言之,阅读和写作与学术工具包中的其他任何技能一样,都需要有意义的参与才能进行学习。无论是通过关系,对文本和任务的含义以及对过程的个人责任感,’这是将过程减慢到每个孩子都感到与阅读和写作经验有着深刻联系的程度的问题。通过从“阅读,写作和熊… oh my!”作为以恐惧为基础的过程,以反映自己的内心世界“阅读,写作和负担… oh boy!”,我们的孩子将期待与这两项基本生活技能相关的体验。它比简单得多“best practice”建立这种联系的材料和课程指南。当“一刀切”的计划导致如此多的学生脱离学习时,“通用核心”不再是真正的通用。让’s通过新学校3R为旧学校3 Rs重新焕发面貌: 关系,相关性和响应。